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  1. This hackathon is 100% free. We will NOT ask you for fees at any point.
  2. Please complete the team formation and registration before 23:59 (GMT+5:30) on June 7th. Teams that register after the deadline will not be accepted. You can form the team on your own or on Devfolio.
  3. Each team can have up to a maximum of five members in total. Everyone on a team needs to register separately as an individual. It is not required that you must have a team for this event. You can also participate at this hackathon as an individual by yourself but we do recommend that you work with a team of at least two people as it makes it easier to work on the project given the limited time.
  4. In the interest of fairness, participants should not be working on their projects before the hackathon begins and we do not allow participants to work on pre-existing projects. However, you can familiarize yourself with all the tools and technologies you intend to use beforehand!
  5. Each person can only sign up for one team to participate in one activity development.