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📜 TL; DR

👩‍💻 Online hackathon exclusively on 👉Devfolio👈**.**

⏰ June 8 -25th. Registration deadline: June 7th, 23:59 GMT+5:30

💸 Prize pool: $12k

🤙 Real-time support & join the community: Discord Telegram

🏆 winner announcement: July 5th

👀 Hackathon Cheet Sheet

About Dataverse

DataverseOS is the web3 data operating system, which controls and coordinates web3 protocols among users and varied applications. It brings a programmable data layer for developers to create storage-based dApps that returns data ownership to users, especially web-scale use-cases, e.g. content platforms, social networks, cloud storage, note-talking tools and more.

Ownership Labs is invested by Protocol Labs, Hashkey Capital, Youbi Capital, Fenbushi Capital, and donated by 20K+ Gitcoin friends in GR 11~14. We also partner with Ceramic and Lit, engaging in global hackathons including ETHTaipei, ETHPorto and HackFS. Now we join Linux foundation as member to push forward the open-source web3 Kernel.

About Ceramic

Ceramic is a decentralized data network that powers an ecosystem of interoperable Web3 applications and services. Ceramic's event streaming protocol is a highly-scalable decentralized data infrastructure used for building all kinds of interoperable Web3 services and protocols, such as decentralized databases.

About Lit Protocol

Lit Protocol is a decentralized key management network powered by threshold cryptography. A blockchain-agnostic middleware layer, Lit can be used to read and write data between blockchains and off-chain platforms, powering conditional decryption and programmatic signing.

About Particle Network

Particle Network is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for Web3 application development.

Their products include a secure Authentication and Wallet-as-a-Service Middleware powered by Multi-Party Computation, enabling developers to integrate authentication and full wallet functionalities into their applications with ease. They also offer a one-stop NFT solution and Node RPC & Data API Service, simplifying the process of building and operating decentralized applications.

About BlockPI Network

BlockPI Network is a multi-chain globally distributed RPC provider, dedicated in offering high quality RPC service with the best possible performance, lowest latency, great stability and low cost. BlockPI currently supports 18+ chains including Eth, Polygon, Arbi, Op, BSC and etc. BlockPI is trusted by various high profile projects like RSS3, Go+, Slowmist, etc and backed by top investors like Hashkey Capital, Shima Capital, NGC Ventures, etc.

About Polybase

Polybase is a web3 replacement for Firebase, Postgres, and Supabase with native support for wallet-based permissions, token gating, and zk proofs.

About Developer DAO

Developer DAO is a community of thousands of web3 builders creating a better internet.

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